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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is OACETT implementing mandatory continuing professional development?
OACETT is implementing mandatory continuing professional development in January 1, 2016.
2. What is the rationale to implementing continuing professional development?
OACETT has always required continued competence as found in the Code of Ethics; it was time to formalize it and provide specific guidelines.
“hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public, the protection of the environment and the promotion of health and safety within the workplace.” 
“keep informed to maintain proficiency and competence, to advance the body of knowledge within their discipline and further opportunities for the professional development of their associates.”
Recent structural failures and professional accountability have caused government inquiry panels such as that for the Elliott Lake Algoma mall collapse to call for mandatory continuing learning to increase the likelihood of currency and competence.  It is important to safeguard market recognition and to add value to our designations.  Our members need to be seen as relevant, in demand and contributing to economic competitiveness.
3. How difficult will it be to fulfil the continuing professional development requirements?
Ongoing professional development is not difficult and many members will already be in compliance.  Many employers include professional development as an inclusive part of the employee growth plan and the selection of activities can be self-directed or job specific.  Own your profession and make this work for you.
4. Who does the continuing professional development program apply to?  
The continuing professional development program applies to all certified (working full- or part-time), Life and Fellow OACETT members and associates admitted to membership prior to July 2005 whose membership has been continuous.
5. Am I required to complete continuing professional development to maintain my OACETT membership?
Continuing professional development is required by all members listed in question #4 to maintain their membership with OACETT.
6. Who does the continuing professional development program not apply to?
The continuing professional development program does not apply to Associates admitted or reinstated to membership starting in July 2005, students, retired (not working more than 100 hours per calendar year) and honourary members.
7. Why is an associate admitted or reinstated to membership starting in July 2005 not required to complete professional development?
Certification is mandatory for these members to maintain membership.  They have been given either 3 years to certify if no further academics are required, or 6 years to certify if academics are needed.  Continuing professional development will be required once these members are certified.
8. I am a certified member on maternity/parental/medical leave/unemployed.  Am I automatically exempted from the continuing professional development program?
No, you are not automatically exempted from the continuing professional development program.  You should maintain your professional development while away from work and are not automatically exempted.  If you are unable to do so, contact with the reason you are making such a request.
9. What are the requirements for the mandatory professional development?
Over a 3-year cycle, members will be required to complete one half day formal course or one full day informal course or self-directed study from either the contributions to technical knowledge or management/leadership training categories plus 3 activities from any of the 4 categories:  contributions to the profession, peer and professional interaction, contributions to technical knowledge or management/leadership.
10. What are acceptable examples of continuing professional development in each of the four categories?
For acceptable examples of continuing professional development in each of the four categories, click here
11. How do I know if my continuing professional development activity will be accepted by OACETT?
We have provided many examples of what is acceptable covering most CPD possible activities.  If still in doubt when selecting your continuing professional development activities, ask yourself:  “Does this activity make me a better technology professional?” Or, send an email to and we will be pleased to assist.
12. What will members be required to produce as supporting documentation to show they are compliant?
For audit purposes, to confirm completion of the activity or course, acceptable documentation may take such forms as:
transcript, receipt of payment with course outline, certificate of completion/attendance
written confirmation from employer that member attended and passed
submission of the article written or presentation given
study notes and resource lists
For more information on examples of acceptable documents, click here
13. How will I keep my records?
Members can log their activities using any method that works best for them such as an employer tool or paper files, but will be encouraged to use OACETT’s CPD electronic portfolio or download a PDF version of our template that will be available – early 2016.
14. How will OACETT monitor compliance?
Every 3 years, members (Certified and Associates admitted to membership prior to July 2005) will declare at the time of membership renewal that they have completed their continuing professional development requirements.  
15. When does the first cycle begin and end?
The first 3-year cycle begins January 1, 2016 and ends December 31, 2018 for those who are members as of December 31, 2015.  For members who join after January 1, 2016, their individual 3-year cycle will be assigned once certified.
16. Can I carry over activities and formal courses to the next 3-year cycle?
Additional activities, formal courses or self-directed study may not be carried over.  Each 3-year cycle is distinct.
17. How will OACETT verify compliance?
OACETT will conduct a random audit of a percentage of members annually beginning in 2019.  Individual members will only be audited at the end of their personal 3-year cycle.  
18. Who will monitor compliance?
IETO, the Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario, OACETT’s certification division will audit CPD compliance.  
19. What if I fail to comply?
If not in compliance, you may be given a “grace period” of 6 months to comply.  These members will be asked to use the electronic portfolio to create and action a compliance plan. Failure to comply will result in resignation of membership. 
20. Can I reinstate after losing my membership due to CPD non-compliance?  
Yes; submit proof of compliance and once approved you may apply for reinstatement.  The reinstatement fee will be waived for prior members who meet compliance and choose to return to membership within one year of being resigned for CPD non-compliance.  All other regular reinstatement rules apply which may have potential implications on your membership status – see next question.
21. What are the OACETT reinstatement rules?
Members may reinstate up to five years after resignation or lapse of membership after which they must re-apply as a new member.
For prior certified members that wish to reinstate, regular reinstatement rules will apply:
Resigned members will not be reinstated to designations that are no longer awarded such as Certified Engineering Technician or Applied Science Technologist. The current designation in use at the time of reinstatement that represents the appropriate level of certification will be granted.
Those members who have not completed the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) prior to resignation will be required to pass the PPE within 6 months of reinstatement or will have their certification removed and will be classified as an Associate with three years to comply or lose membership. They would become subject to the 3 and 6 year timeline for certification.  See Question #7 above.
Reinstatement fee will be waived for prior members who meet compliance and return to membership within one year of being resigned for non-compliance.
For Associate members prior to July 2005, upon reinstatement you will be treated the same as members who were admitted to membership on or after July 1, 2005.  That is, you will need to attain certification within the 3 or 6 year timeline determined by your certification program assigned at time of reinstatement.   
22. Will extensions be given for members to comply with the CPD requirements?
Extensions may be given by the Registrar on compassionate or other acceptable grounds.
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