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There are many opportunities for OACETT members in all categories of membership (student, associate, certified, retired) to get involved with their professional association.  Volunteerism is important not only to OACETT as a professional organization but also to the individual member who can enrich their personal and professional lives.

Why Volunteer with OACETT?

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Expand your professional network

OACETT volunteers connect with other engineering technology and applied science professionals from across Ontario.

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Skills development

Many volunteers learn new skills and gain experience they may not have been able to acquire at their job.

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Boost your career options

Improved skills, a broader network, and increased knowledge will help you advance in your career.

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Make a difference

Volunteering can result in positive change at your association. You can help shape future events and even mentor members.

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Discover your strengths and talents

Volunteering can reveal hidden talents.

OACETT's a proud member of Volunteer Canada. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

OACETT’s chapters offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. These positions are elected every year, between March and April, during the chapter's annual meeting. The following are a list of the main volunteer positions available at the chapter level. 

Chapter Chair (Certified Member):  The Chapter Chair is a Certified Member in good standing, elected by the Certified Members of their Chapter for a one-year term of office, which may be renewed up to 5 consecutive terms. 

As the senior volunteer within the Chapter, they are responsible for the orderly management of all functions within the Chapter. For this reason, they should be fully conversant with the Association’s by-laws, policies, and administrative procedures that affect the operation of the Chapter.

Chapter Vice-Chair (Certified Member):  The Chapter Vice-Chair is a Certified Member in good standing, elected by the Certified Members of their Chapter for a one-year term of office, which may be renewed.

While the Chapter Vice-Chair has no specific mandate, they will assist the Chapter Chair as needed, and may be delegated any of the duties described above for the Chapter Chair.

Treasurer (Certified/Associate Member):  The Chapter Treasurer is a Certified or Associate member in good standing and is elected by the Certified Members of their Chapter for a one-year term of office, which may be renewed.

In selecting a member to serve as Treasurer, the successful candidate should be competent in financial management.

Secretary (Certified/Associate Member):  The Chapter Secretary is a Certified or Associate Member in good standing, elected by the Certified Members of their Chapter for a one-year term of office, which may be renewed.

College Liaison (Certified/Associate/Student Member):  The Chapter College Liaison is a member in good standing, elected by the Certified Members of their Chapter for a one-year term of office, which may be renewed. This position may also be by appointment by the Chapter Chair. 

As liaison with the local campuses of all colleges/institutes/universities within the Chapter’s area is of prime importance, especially considering that on-campus recruiting is the single most effective means of recruiting new members to the Association, at least one Chapter member should be designated with the responsibility of on-going Chapter/school communications.

Women in Technology (WIT) Representative (Certified/Associate Member):  A WIT Chapter Representative is a Certified or Associate Member in good standing, volunteering to sit on the Chapter Executive for a one-year term of office, which may be renewed. 

The WIT Chapter Representative is the local representative reaching out to female OACETT members and non-members. The purpose is to engage them to become strong supporters of their professional association and to encourage women to consider careers as engineering technicians and technologists.

To find out how you can get involved with your local chapter please contact the Chapter and Program Advisor.

OACETT has a variety of committees and subcommittees, each with its unique focus. To view a list of committees, CLICK HERE. Members are recruited for these committees via email nominations every two years. The next recruitment will take place in Winter 2025. Please be sure to check your email inbox and the OACETT website. 

The following is a list of committees and their chairs, who are members of OACETT's Board of Directors:

Registration & Professional Practice Committee (RPPC)
  • Chair: Stephanie Pesheau, C.E.T. – Northern Region
Member Engagement & Services Committee (MESC)
  • Chair: Roy Sue-Wah-Sing, C.E.T. – Toronto Region
Nominating Committee (NC)
  • Chair: Rosanna Baggs, C.E.T., rcji, CAPM
Finance & Audit Committee (FAC)
  • Chair: Brian Raymond, CD, C.E.T. – Eastern Region
Governance, Policy & Strategy Committee (GPSC)
  • Chair: Norman Sandberg, C.E.T. – Central Region
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC)
  • Chair: Shelley Parker, A.Sc.T. – Horseshoe Region
Young Professionals Committee (YPC)
  • Chair: Mladen Ivankovic, C.E.T.
Human Resources Committee (HRC)
  • Chair: Micheal Mooney, C.E.T.
  • Member at Large: Samuel Nammari, C.E.T. – Western Region

OACETT recruits members for their subcommittees following the filling of committee positions. Please be sure to check your email inbox for subcommittee nominations. 

The following is a list of subcommittees:

Registration and Professional Practice (formerly the IETO Board) Subcommittees
  • Admissions Subcommittee
  • Complaints Subcommittee
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Subcommittee
  • Discipline Subcommittee
  • Education and Exam Subcommittee
  • Fellow OACETT Subcommittee
  • Finance Subcommittee
Membership Engagement and Services (formerly PASB) Subcommittees
  • Provincial Honours and Awards
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
  • Women in Technology Network

Click HERE to learn more.

Volunteer of the Month

Each month chapter chairs are invited to submit a volunteer’s name and a short description of why they feel this chapter volunteer should be recognized for their service to the chapter, OACETT, or the industry.

A random draw is held of all the names submitted each month. Recipients are awarded a $50.00 gift card and profiled in the OT magazine.

  • July 2023: Narayan Parkash, Secretary, London Chapter
  • June 2023: Kelly Dell, C.E.T., Secretary, Niagara Chapter
  • May 2023: Michael Behm, C.Tech., Treasurer Renfrew County Chapter
  • April 2023: Howard Gibson, C.E.T., Vice-chair, Toronto West Chapter
  • March 2023: Mark LaFleche, Treasurer, Toronto Central Chapter
  • February 2023: Juergen Friedrich, C.Tech., Treasurer, York Chapter
  • January 2023: Susanna Havel, C.Tech., Past Chair, London Chapter
  • December 2022: Andrew Monkman, C.E.T., Vice-chair, Georgian Bay Chapter
  • November 2022: Steve Meyer, C. Tech., Past chair, Thunder Bay Chapter
  • October 2022: Karina Bree, Secretary, Kingston Chapter
  • September 2022: Teresa den Boef, C.E.T., WIT, York Chapter
  • August 2022: Sergio Cardoso, C.Tech., Treasurer, London Chapter
  • July 2022: Ahmad Ahmad, C.Tech., rcji,, Secretary, Niagara Chapter
  • June 2022: Amanda Huxter, WIT, Grand Valley Chapter