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Young Professionals Committee


Established in 2018, the OACETT Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is a diverse group targeting OACETT members 35 years of age and younger. The committee works on initiatives and recommendations to meet the needs of OACETT’s young professionals, including strengthening member engagement and recruitment through helping to implement social and advocacy programs and strategies.

I have been an OACETT member since 2019. I first joined the YPC as a committee member, but when the chair position opened, I leapt at the opportunity to give back and represent the next generation of eager, young professionals within OACETT and take on an involved role.

 As Chair, my goal is to help consolidate and bring forth initiatives that support the needs of young professionals while creating awareness for OACETT. Working with other exceptional young professionals on the committee has been rewarding. We all come from different backgrounds and bring unique perspectives which really inspire me to have the opportunity to collaborate with likeminded individuals, shaping the future of OACETT. I hope that by working together as a committee, we can reach more members, plan events, and bring awareness to the amazing work being done at OACETT by both members and dedicated staff.

 I look forward to leading the strategic opportunities presented to our committee by representing the next generation of members. In the end, it is our certification to help lead to your success.

— Mladen Ivankovic, C.E.T., YPC Representative — OACETT Board of Directors

YPC Initiatives To-Date

Launching Soon! Best practices guide for chapter executives with engagement tools to encourage students and young professionals to get involved with their local chapter.  

Formal recognition of 10 years of membership at the 10-year milestone events.

Subsidization of student membership at the chapter level. Please speak with your local chapter chair.

Two awards recognizing up and coming members: Young Professionals Award and Student Recognition Award.

Chapter events aimed at young professionals. Please check your local chapter for upcoming events.

Hosts a table at OACETT's President's Awards Dinner allowing young professional members from the local chapter to attend.

NEW — Young Professionals Scholarship

Deadline October 15, 2023.

YPC Events

  • CPD session on the last day of OACETT's Conference
  • 10-year pin events
  • Local chapter events targeting young professionals — Check out your chapter today!

Do you have something you would like to share with the YPC?  Please email

Young Professionals Committee

Mladen Ivankovic


Committee Chair

Antonio Radford-Paz


Committee Member

David Cotter


Committee Member

Emad Riyaz Khan


Committee Member

Jordan Minos


Committee Member

Liiban Mohamud


Committee Member

Sabrina Dussault


Committee Member

Upcoming Events

Apr. 12, 2024
05:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Quinte Annual Chapter Meeting & Optional Dinner

Apr. 13, 2024
04:00 pm - 06:30 pm

Thunder Bay Annual Chapter Meeting & CPD Presentation

Apr. 16, 2024
07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

Sudbury Annual Chapter Meeting & CPD Presentation