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Complaints and Disciplines


Professional Misconduct 


Professional misconduct, incompetence, or a breach of the Code of Ethics by an OACETT member are grounds for a complaint against that member. Any member of the public, a member of OACETT, or the OACETT Registrar may file a complaint against an OACETT member.  

OACETT encourages complainants to attempt to resolve the issue by speaking to the OACETT member before launching a complaint. Once a complaint is filed it is reviewed by the Registrar and a copy is sent to the member within 15 days. The member then has 30 days to respond to the complaint. After those 30 days have elapsed, the complaint is reviewed by a complaints committee. 

 After the committee has conferred, they may return with the following recommendations. 

  1. The complaint is justified and indicate to the Registrar the need for probationary action.   
  2. They may dismiss the complaint if no misconduct is found .  
  3. The infraction is of a more serious nature and will refer the member to a discipline committee who will investigate further and will make a decision on disciplinary action if required. 

 To learn more about the complaints and discipline procedure or to launch a complaint, please email