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Article Submissions


The Ontario Technologist staff welcomes contributions to the association magazine from members, colleges and other experts. If you would like to contribute a column or have an idea for a story, please contact the editor at 416-621-9621, ext. 225, or e-mail


Stories may range from 500 to 750 words for a column and 1200 to 1500 words for a feature story. Submissions should be in a Microsoft Word document in letter size format, using only one text and font style.

The article should not be in an abstract, academic journal or essay format; all write-ups should be submitted as an article with an introduction (lead), body (paragraphs that answer the 5W's - who, where, what, why and how) and closing paragraph. Also, please do not send the article as a pdf file or include columns or indents. The title and subtitles should be bolded.

At the end of the article, please include a one-sentence biography about you, the writer, including your job title and company name.

Some topics to consider are as follows: New and emerging technology, engineering technology or applied science projects or procedures, world events that impact the profession, career and professional development, college news and research articles.

After your article is accepted for publication, the editor will edit it. Editing includes copy editing, style editing and content editing.

Please include photos and illustrations. Digital graphic material should be in a JPG file. Original colour photos are as acceptable as high-resolution (300 dpi) digital photos. Photos should be submitted separately from the article.

We look forward to receiving your article!





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