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360 Partnership Program


OACETT 360 Partnership Program brochure cover featuring diverse professionals smiling, with the tagline "Our Certification | Your Success" at the bottom.

The 360 PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM is designed to help support many of your business needs. These are some of the great ways we can support you: 

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Both our C.Tech. and C.E.T. certifications have been recognized as one of the top five most valuable engineering certifications to have in 2020 by Randstad Engineering.

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Boosting your BRAND EXPOSURE 
To a targeted audience which includes Government officials, faculty, and students at 24 Ontario Colleges, municipalities, technology organizations, and over 5,000 companies that hire OACETT members. 

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Increasing your ENGAGEMENT 
by connecting you with more than 21,000 professionals representing 15 disciplines of engineering technology and applied science. 

The benefits of 360 partnership include:

  • CHAPTER ENGAGEMENT – Connect with one or more of OACETT’s 27 local chapters by sponsoring chapter events, providing continuing professional development to the chapters, facility tours, etc. 
  • COLLEGE OUTREACH – OACETT champion’s our partners by including your logo on college presentations, outreach material and at college career fairs. 
  • CONFERENCE AND AWARDS GALA – The opportunity to access discounted sponsorship opportunities at OACETT’s Conference and Awards Gala attended by over 250 engineering technology and applied science professionals, government officials and key representatives from Ontario’s 24 colleges. OACETT’s awards are recognized throughout the profession and are awarded to acknowledge technical, volunteer, and professional contributions of both companies and individuals. Beyond recognition, the gala is an excellent opportunity to expose your brand through one of our sponsorship levels, which are discounted for 360 partners. 

  • PRINT: branded advertisements and articles in The Ontario Technologist Magazine (OT) 
    • Circulated to an audience of 22,500 OACETT members, partners, and colleges. The magazine is published six times per year.
    • Includes: 
      • Branded Advertisements
      • Articles highlighting OACETT certified employees, your company announcements, products, projects, and accomplishments. 
    • E-tech News – Advertise your company or be featured in an article in our monthly e-newsletter, which reaches 17,000 OACETT members.
    • Digital OT – Outside of the printed magazine, we also have the digital version, which reaches 17,000 unique page views per edition and includes hyperlinked advertisements, articles, and interactive content like videos. All editions of the Ontario Technologist are also promoted across OACETT’s social channels.
    • OACETT Website – Maximize your professional exposure by having your logo, company description, articles, branded mentions, "highlight" person of interest and videos listed on the OACETT website, which boasts 10,000 users per month and 48,500+ avg. page views per month. 

Important engagement on OACETT’s social media channels which have close to 19,000 followers and 39,600+ avg. impressions per month: 
  • SPONSORED POSTS – OACETT will work with your company to create paid posts that engage our membership. 
  • PERSON OF INTEREST – OACETT will highlight our members who work for your company on both our website and social media.
  • SOCIAL SUPPORT – Shares, retweets and likes on important items posted by your company. 

All of the above benefits will reach our professional audience, but there is still more: 
  • CTEN JOB BOARD – Advertise your engineering technology employment opportunities to the right audience on our Canadian Technology Employment Network (CTEN) job board which accessed by technology professionals across Canada. 
  • ADVERTISEMENT SUPPORT – On Ontario Technologist magazine advertisements, digital and print. 

Learn More

  • Learn more about our The Ontario Technologist Magazine, eTech News and Tech Takes Podcast HERE
  • Visit our Media Planner HERE to view our advertising opportunities – free and discounted for 360 Partners.
  • View our 360 Partnership Program brochure HERE to learn more about our partnership levels and benefits.

360 Partners

Elite Level
Network Level
Community Level

We thank our current 360 partners and look forward to working with you to grow your brand and recognize our valuable certifications.  Our partnerships are a clear win-win solution that combines your expertise with the reach of our membership and stakeholder relationships. 

For more information on how your company can join the new 360 program, please contact: 

Eva Pawlowska, Membership Services & Corporate Outreach
Corporate 360 Partnership Program
(437) 292-0990