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Technology Report (C.E.T. Only)


The submission of the Technology Report Proposal (TRP) and Technology Report (TR) is one of the final steps in the certification process for Certification Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.).

To become certified as a C.E.T. you will need to write a Technology Report(TR). The purpose of the TR is to assess your ability to effectively examine and describe an engineering or applied science technology problem. The requirement of a Technology Report is not related to work experience and is not waived due to a member having extensive career experience.  

You must submit a Technology Report Proposal (TRP) for approval before submitting the completed TR. The report topic should be discipline appropriate, and if possible, related to your work experience. You may complete this requirement after your file has been reviewed by the Admissions Committee unless you have further technologist-level academics to complete.  If so, the academics should be completed first.  

For more detailed information about the TR & TRP, see theTechnology Report Guidelinesdocument.

For examples of a TR & TRP, click HERE

Associates who have graduated from a nationally accredited engineering technology or applied science program, do not need to complete a TR as they have already completed one meeting OACETT's specifications as part of their college program and will be waived by the Admissions committee. Find the accredited programs and historical accredited programs on the Technology Accreditation Canada website. 

The report issued to you after your file review will indicate whether the TR is required or whether it has been waived based on this reason. 

Similar to the C.Tech. certification, when you have met all the certification requirements identified in your File Review Report, including the PPE and the Technology Report, you will receive a letter from the Registrar informing you of your new status as a certified C.E.T. OACETT member. At this time, you may begin to use your new OACETT title. We will send your certificate and publish your name in The Ontario Technologist magazine. You will also have the ability print your membership card on the member portal.  

You will be eligible for all benefits reserved for certified members, which besides the right to use the protected title of C.E.T., allows you to purchase a technology ring and certified member identification stamp.

Steps to submit Technology Report 

Prepare and submit your technology report proposal. Please submit technology proposals and reports electronically by uploading to your portal or pdf attachment to

Note: You can submit your technology report proposal only once your file review is complete and you have completed the three-year academic requirement. 

You will be notified within 8 weeks if your proposal is accepted.

Note: If your proposal is not accepted, and missing requirements have been identified, then resubmit an updated proposal

Once the technology report proposal is accepted, you have one year to submit your technology report. 

Once you have submitted your technology report, you will be informed of the results in 12 to 14 weeks. 

Optional Technology Report Writing Seminars 

The technology report writing seminar is offered in a variety of virtual delivery options throughout the year to help members prepare to write a TR. The seminars focus on all aspects of technology report writing, from topic selection to proposal writing and helpful hints for submitting a successful report. There are three options to help you prepare for your technology report.

Cost: $150 + HST

This two-hour virtual instructor led course is offered throughout the year and provides an overview of all components needed to submit a successful technology report and proposal. Participants will receive a copy of the presentation and personalized feedback on their Titles, Problem Statements, and Proposals from the instructor.

To register visit Events

Cost: $375 + HST

This six-hour virtual instructor led course is offered throughout the year and provides an in-depth review of the entire technology report writing process and covers all eight modules the manual.

Participants can complete their writing on their titles, problem statements, proposals, abstracts and executive summaries and submit it to the instructor for personalized feedback afterwards. Participants will receive a copy of the manual.

To register, visit Events.

Cost: $300.00 + HST. 

This video and module course allows participants three-month access to all course modules and the manual. You can email the instructor with any questions you may have.

To register for the seminar, log into your OACETT portal account and select that option from the home page.