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C.Tech. to C.E.T.


Once you are certified as a C.Tech., you may want to reclassify as a C.E.T.

I graduated from 3-year program

If you are a graduate of a 3-year applied science or engineering technology program, then becoming a Certified Engineering Technologist may be a simple process for you. You will not need to submit a new application, but you will need to fulfill any missing requirements as determined by your most recent file review.

If your academics and work experience were previously approved at the technologist level, you may only need to write a Technology Report.

Unsure about your missing requirements? Log in to OACETT's member portal and navigate to My Membership > Certification Details. Still unsure? Contact us at

I did not graduate from a 3-year program

If you did not graduate from a 3-year applied science or engineering technology program, you will require a file review to define the requirements for you to go from C.Tech. to C.E.T.

To begin the process of reclassifying to C.E.T., log into the OACETT member portal and click Start Application on the home page.

Select “Are you a C.Tech. and have never applied to be a C.E.T. and now want to reclassify to C.E.T.?” and include all your relevant documents.

Once your application package is complete, the Admissions Committee will review your file and assign any academic competencies or experience that you must complete to become a C.E.T.

Go to the How to Certify for more information on certification requirements.