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National Engineering & Applied Science Technology (NEAT) Week


What is NEAT Week?

Under the unification of Technology Professionals Canada (TPC), OACETT and nine other provincial member organizations representing engineering and applied science technologists have established a week dedicated to engineering technology. We are happy to launch National Engineering and Applied science Technology (NEAT) Week as the last week in November, starting in 2024!

NEAT Week will centre around a National Capstone Project Competition showcasing and celebrating the technical excellence and ingenuity that exists within engineering and applied science technology. Open to students pursuing rewarding career opportunities in a variety of disciplines, three national finalists will be selected from 9 provincial winners. The 3 finalists will present their projects during a webinar during NEAT Week, with winners being chosen via audience vote.

We are currently accepting applications from Ontario colleges.

๐Ÿ“ Location: Online

๐Ÿ“… Date: November 25 - 29, 2024

โ—Other Important Dates

  • August 31 - Submission deadline from Ontario colleges
  • October 20 - Deadline to bring forth winners for the national competition

The Capstone finalists will have their projects evaluated by the TPC Leadership Council who will consider: 
  • Project originality
  • Quality of research
  • Methodology and explanation
  • Practicality and importance to society
  • Creativity and innovation

To be eligible for the competition, all student team members must be registered members of OACETT. If students are not OACETT members, they can join to participate in the competition. 

For more information on how to become an OACETT student member, click HERE

Project submissions will be via an on-line form and will have three components:
  1. A written project summary (maximum 10 pages)
  2. A video presentation by the team (maximum 10 minutes)
  3. A full technical report
The submission form should be completed by an instructor or representative from the institution. Prior to completing the form, the team should collect the following items for the submission package:

Team Components
  • The names, membership ID numbers and post-graduation contact information for each team member so OACETT and  TPC can contact regarding the competition.
    • Each team must select a primary and secondary contact (not the instructor) to act as the liaison between OACETT and TPC and the team.
  • A brief personal biography  for each team member that may be used in an article about the Capstone competition.
  • Photograph(s) – prepare a team photo with the file name identifying team members from left to right or individual headshots of each team member with the file names identifying the person in the photo.
Project Components
  • Each submission must include a presentation package, which demonstrates how the project was presented and/or explained to instructors and peers. Maximum 10 pages plus appendices.
    • PDF/Word documents only. If the presentation was created as a PowerPoint, please convert the file into a PDF document prior to uploading it to the submission form. 
  • Each submission must include a copy of the full technical report for the project, including the instructor's marking rubric.
    • PDF/Word documents only. 
  • Each submission must include relevant high-resolution photos, drawings/schematics. 

Please click HERE to complete your application form. 

If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Farrow,