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Fletcher Foundation introduces new round up donation feature

Fletcher Foundation introduces new round up donation feature April 26, 2024

Fletcher Foundation introduces new round up donation feature

A small change can make a big impact, and that’s what the Fletcher Foundation’s new round-up donation feature will do.

The Fletcher Foundation has launched a new round-udonation feature on OACETT’s Member Portal, which provides OACETT members with a convenient option to round up their annual dues’ renewal payment to the nearest ten dollars, giving a generous gift to the Foundation 

Every dollar counts when you want to elevate the educational experiences of engineering technology and applied science students. With your support of this new initiative, we can build more funds to support academic projects and programs that advance the training and skillfulness of students. 

As an OACETT member, you can round up to the nearest ten dollars, donate another amount or choose not to donate when renewing your dues on OACETT’s Member Portal. We hope you choose to give to this important cause, as we know you care about the future of your profession.  

How to make a round-up donation on OACETT’s Member Portal  

  1. Go to OACETT’s Member Portal via the OACETT website and sign in. 

  1. Under the Membership Renewal section, click the Pay My Dues Now button. You will land on Renewal Page – Step One. 

  1. On the Renewal Page – Step One default page, you will be asked, ‘Do you want to donate to the Fletcher Foundation’? You can choose either Yes, I would like to Donate or No, I would not like to Donate.  

  1. If you select ‘Yes’ at the bottom of the Renewal Page, you will choose one of two options – ‘Fletcher Foundation Donation, rounding up to the nearest ten dollar’ or ‘Fletcher Foundation Donation, other amount.’  

  1. If you click on the round-up payment option, your payment will round up to the nearest ten dollars. For example, as a certified member, your renewal fee of $344.65 would round up to $350.00. After you click the round-up payment option, you must click on ‘Confirm and Continue’ to create the invoice.  

  1. If you click the second option of entering your donation amount, you will be prompted to put any dollar figurebig or small, in the payment tab. Then you click on Confirm and Continue’ to generate the invoice.   

If you have any questions, please email 

We thank you in advance for your support of the Fletcher Foundation.